Pete Wargent


Pete Wargent is the founding director and buyer’s agent of the AllenWargent Sydney office.

You can get in contact with him personally at 

Pete is an experienced, independent buyer’s agent, offering his loyal clients independent, personal, & confidential advice, finding both on- and off-market properties using his network of market contacts & proven negotiation skills.

A licensed buyer’s agent working only for buyers, his comprehensive service brings reassurance to clients, covering all stages of the buying process.

Pete hails from a finance background having held a number of senior finance roles including being a Director at the ‘Big 4’ accounting firm Deloitte, and thereafter being the Group Financial Controller of an ASX-listed mining company in Australia.

He has a range of top financial qualifications including, but not limited to, being a Chartered Accountant with Fellowship, a Chartered Secretary, a licensed Real Estate Agent, and holding a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Pete is the author of the awarded 2012 book ‘Get a Financial Grip: a simple plan for financial freedom’ – as well as a series of other books – and is widely acclaimed having achieved his financial independence at the age of 33.

Over the long term he has invested in listed equities, built several businesses, and has continued to own a longstanding & substantial UK & Australian property portfolio, comprising investment properties in London and the surrounding south-east of England, and Sydney’s eastern suburbs, inner west, & inner city, in addition to owning properties in Australia’s other major capital cities.

Regularly featured in the mainstream television and print media, Pete is one of Australia’s most respected finance experts.

He is a keen, widely read blogger, and posts this thoughts daily on finance and the markets at his personal blog page here, with well over 1.6 million hits to date.

You can find out more about Pete at his personal website here.

“I came to Sydney in the 1990s when the radio tagline hollered ‘another beautiful morning in the world’s greatest city!’. It still is. Australia is thriving and Sydney a multicultural, world-class metropolis with its stunning harbour, golden beaches, lifestyle and climate.”