In the Press

Below is just a small sample of some recent media we have been featured in:

January 2019: Financial Times: Australia’s house price slide prompts worries about economy

January 2019: The New Daily, Australia’s housing credit has no pulse, Pete Wargent writes

November 2018: Business Insider: An evening talking markets and economics with top Australian strategists

October 2018: Treasurer Frydenberg, The Australian: Labor’s reckless plan on negative gearing bad for housing

October 2018: Business Insider: Australian banks should prepare accordingly for stricter accounting standards

October 2018: Business Insider: Labor ‘will add further pressure’ to house prices that are already falling

October 2018: New Daily: Forecasts of Royal Commission ‘triggering housing crash’ miss the mark

September 2018: New Daily: Why now is definitely not the time to scrap negative gearing

September 2018: Business Insider: Wages growth set to accelerate

September 2018: The Guardian: Buyers wait for bargains as Australia’s housing market hits long slide

September 2018: Livewire Markets: More pain ahead for residential property?

September 2018: Business Insider: Soaring wages in key mining regions a bright spot for the Australian economy

August 2018: In the Black: Outlook for property prices – lower for longer?

August 2018: New Daily: Global survey ranks Sydney as one of the most expensive housing markets

August 2018: ABC News: Real estate auction clearance rates may drop in spring

July 2018: Business Insider: It’s getting cheaper to rent a home in Sydney as vacancies hit 13-year high

July 2018: ABC News: Real estate auction clearance rates and prices may drop in spring

July 2018: Weekend Australian: My way profile piece – Pete Wargent: property advice home truths from London

July 2018: Business Insider – Australia’s housing building boom just keeps on getting bigger – here’s proof

June 2018: – Fears about rollover of interest-only loans in Australia

June 2018: New Daily – Good news for first homebuyers? Negative gearing rollback may sink prices

June 2018: Domain – Investor lending drops to lowest level since 2016

June 2018: News – Labour housing reform would have unintended consequences: report

June 2018: Business Insider – Report finds ‘unintended consequences’ in Labor’s negative gearing changes with house prices now in decline

June 2018: The Australian – Regional property owners could be hit hardest by Labor’s plans

June 2018: Australian Financial Review – Sydney, Melbourne prices to fall 9pc on Labor’s negative gearing changes

June 2018: Sydney Morning Herald/Domain – Sydney apartment supply trailing off

June 2018: Livewire Markets – Requiem for a construction bubble

May 2018: Business Insider – DEVILS & DETAILS PODCAST – Aussie housing market update

May 2018: Business Insider – How a trip to Adelaide showed me the changing realities of working life in Australia

May 2018: LiveWireMarkets – 3 immediate implications of tighter lending standards

April 2018: New Daily – Sydney house prices are set to drop: and it’s nothing to fear

March 2018: Domain – Is your home worth more than you think?

February 2018: Sydney Morning Herald – A 21-square metre Paddington studio sells for more than $500,000

February 2018: Brisbane Biz – Bubbles, Budgets, & Betting (video)

February 2018: – Queensland’s high-rise boom is slowing fast

February 2018: ABC News (online): Brisbane apartment owner take massive hits as prices hit 4-year low

February 2018: ABC News (TV), February 10 nightly news: Brisbane’s apartment glut

February 2018: Business Insider – UBS: Australian mortgage borrowers are wealthy (or stretching the truth)

February 2018: LiveWire Markets – Why even small panics matter (originally featured at Forager Funds).

January 2018: Sydney Morning Herald – Dramatic drop in Sydney house prices could be wide of the mark

January 2018: LiveWireMarkets: Mixed bag, the outlook for residential housing 2018

January 2018: Business Insider – 2017 was a year when Australia’s housing market didn’t go to script

December 2017: Business Insider – Amazon’s Boxing Day sales point to fierce retail competition

December 2017: Business Insider – The evolution in Australian capital city dwelling prices

November 2017: Business Insider – Sydneysiders have unrealistic expectations amid market slowdown

October 2017: LiveWireMarkets – Cash flow plain ahead

October 2017: Business Insider – Housing expert says Aussie investors heading for repayments ‘cliff edge’

September 2017: Sydney Morning Herald – Demographic tsunami will keep Sydney & Melbourne property prices high

September 2017: Domain – The five best spots in Australia to buy an apartment, according to experts

September 2017: Sydney Morning Herald – Strong Sydney can’t carry the country forever

September 2017: New Daily – Melbourne isn’t cooling says property guru Pete Wargent

August 2017: 4BC (Radio) – Analysing the Queensland property market cycle

August 2017: 4BC (Radio) – What influences Brisbane property prices?

August 2017: 4BC (Radio) – Brisbane & Sydney: Where is your next property investment?

August 2017: 4BC (Radio) – Mastering the ‘hook & flick’ strategy & real estate renovation

July 2017: ABC Lateline (TV) – The suburbs where homebuyers could feel the downturn first

July 2017: The Age – We’re becoming smarter with credit cards

July 2017: Domain – Brisbane yields are sliding & oversupply is to blame

July 2017: Sydney Morning Herald – First homebuyers the new kings of the housing market

June 2017: The Age – Australia’s new population milestone to reignite debate

June 2017: Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney householders sitting tight – we don’t want to sell

May 2017: Business Insider – It looks as though Australia’s residential construction boom has peaked

April 2017: Business Insider: Australia’s export price boom smashed imports in the March quarter

February 2017: Business Insider – DEVILS & DETAILS PODCAST: Australian property bubble trouble?

February 2017: Domain – ‘Rent-vesting’: the strategy for first homebuyers that’s creating a city of landlords

January 2017: The Age – Sydney’s housing affordability problem – in three tweets

January 2017: New York Times – Australia’s Health Minister Goes on Leave Over Gold Coast Property

September 2016: The Guardian (UK) – Has Vancouver found the solution to a super-heated housing market?

June 2016: Domain – Buyers spending millions on Brisbane’s worst houses

May 2016: Business Insider – Chinese student enrolments are exploding in Australia

May 2016: Yahoo Finance – Does Australia have a greater housing oversupply than the US?

March 2016: Business Insider – Chinese visitor spending in Australia is exploding

Feb 2016: Business Insider – What Australia’s population hitting 24 million means for the property market

November 2015: Yahoo Finance – Where are Chinese investors buying property in Australia?

August 2015: Financial Times (Subscription) – Record sale of Packer mansion highlights Australia housing bubble

August 2015: Australian Financial Review (Subscription) – Foreign investor crackdown a farce says  top Sydney agent

May 2015: Property Observer – What’s really happening with foreign buyers and property?

May 2015: Financial Times – Chinese Developers Turn to Sydney

May 2015: Business Insider – 3 Lessons From History on Sydney’s Incredible Property Boom

April 2015: Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney House Prices Driven By Chinese ‘Bolthole’ Buyers

April 2015: Property Observer – Sydney’s housing shortage is about a mismatch of supply

April 2015: Property Observer – Asian capital is impacting our property markets (and here’s how)

March 2015: Property Observer – Big Australia to give way to Huge Australia

November 2013: Property Observer (Australia) – Crystal Ball Gazing: Property Market Predictions for 2014

May 2013: Your Media London (UK) – Property Matters

April 2013: Personal Money – Malaysia and Singapore

December 2012: Channel 7 Sunrise (TV) – ‘Get a Financial Grip’ book interview