Heather Toulson

Heather is a Director of AllenWargent.

Heather has been a successful investor in real estate for nearly two decades, having built a substantial portfolio of properties in London, Sydney and other prime UK and Australian locations.

Heather earned an honours degree in Law and Politics from Cambridge’s (UK) Anglia Ruskin University, is a Chartered Accountant with Fellowship and a member of the Governance Institute, with more than 15 years of experience in professional practice and industry.

Heather previously held a senior role as a Director at the accountancy firm Deloitte and spent a total of 11 years with the firm before moving into the private sector.

Before joining AllenWargent Heather also worked for Lend Lease gaining further exposure to the listed real estate sector.

”I have been investing in property since the 1990s and I am as fascinated by the industry now as I was then. I have found property ownership to be the perfect vehicle for creating financial security, independence, and freedom.”