Who are our clients?

We have experience acting for a number of institutional and private investors as well as global businesses and always seek to maintain the highest of professional standards.As an example we will act for the following clients:

Individual investors – investors looking to maximise their returns on property through leverage and compounding capital growth, or through discerning real estate development. We have a proven track record of market outperformance through quality asset selection.

Overseas private investors – overseas based clients looking to buy property, whether it starting a portfolio or growing it, we help those looking in to purchase from abroad to find their feet and navigate the property acquisition process. Whether you are looking for a long term investment or an asset to balance your portfolio, we can help you execute your strategy. The UK and Australian markets offer opportunities to meet a multitude of investment objectives and we will use our experience as investors to assist you.

Professional investment companies – We undertake advisory work and market reports for hedges funds and other private investment houses looking to establish or grow their investment strategy.

Global companies – International or domestic businesses seeking a property as part of the employee relocation process. We work with HR and relocation departments to source homes for employees on mission or for permanent moves.
We are happy to work around our clients schedules, whether that is early morning, evening or weekends to secure the best properties.

Private homefinders – anyone looking for a home to buy or rent, whether you are a time poor professional seeking somebody to be a single point of contact during the transaction process or a student moving to the UK or Australia and looking for your study base. Using an advisor takes away the stress and time investment often associated with finding a suitable property, especially if the market is new to you or you just don’t have the time.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.