Manchester has become a very attractive place for non-local and overseas buy-to-let investors. The lower price barrier to entry compared to the capital city, the attractive yields and rental demand has seen this market grow strongly in the past few years. It has gained international recognition as the birthplace of Graphene, building on an already strong scientific heritage, and is increasingly becoming a world class business hub with the highest net migration of graduates outside London. Balanced with a vibrant music and arts scene, Manchester is unlocking significant growth potential.

The most popular markets are the professional apartment market in the city centre and the student housing market in South Manchester.

City Centre living is still a relatively new era in Manchester’s history. In 1987, the population was an inconceivably small 300. Estimates now put the figure at 50,000, which in itself is treble the amount 10 years ago. This new era can be seen by the housing type, typically being largely 21st century new-builds or conversions, with plentiful mill conversions almost being a signature piece of Manchester city centre living.

The two largest universities (University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University) have over 80,000 students between them, mostly living along the Oxford Road Corridor, which stretches from the city centre to the trendy Didsbury suburbs. Properties range from 3 bed terraced house to 12 bed HMOs, all offering great yields.

We have partnered with local agent Ridley Thaw Residential to help source and manage properties to suit the needs of any investor. Manchester is expected to be one of the fastest growing cities in the UK in the coming years as its economy grows and it’s seen as a great place to live, work and invest.

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