London Universities


London is a world renowned centre for study, with numerous world class universities covering a variety of subjects from medicine to African and Oriental studies.
The city attracts students from all four corners of the globe, all in need of accommodation, often in a city they know little about.
While most Universities have specialist accommodation, teams and links to student housing campuses, some students prefer to make alternative lifestyle choices.
Many families wish to diversify their investment portfolio and purchase property for loved ones as part of the relocation process.
This allows the students to be located in an area preferable to them and also removes the stress and uncertainty around having accommodation when family visit or during holiday periods.
The map above highlights the main University campuses across London and their respective local tube stations.
We work with our clients to make sure they choose the right property in the right location based on their study requirements and lifestyle choices.
For those new to the capital, we work with you to find the perfect property that will allow you to enjoy London fully during your study period.
We work for both purchasers and rental clients, so even if you’re looking for a short or long term rental contract, please get in touch.